College Partnerships

The colleges listed below we have agreements with. These
agreements vary by college. We are always working with colleges
to provide students will great opportunities so check back!

Owens Community College - We have an articulation agreement where
students who pursue further education at Owens CC will be exempt from taking the
first four (4) Cisco Systems courses. This agreement will allow students to get a jump start on college by saving time and money. The 8 credit hours will be waived provided the student fills out the proper form and obtain a high school instructor signature. This agreement will not cost the student anything for the classes taken in high school. All they have to do is fill out the form! It’s that simple.

North West State Community College - We have a Dual Enrollment agreement where students will be enrolled in college at NSCC. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive fully transferable college credits from NSCC. This will allow students a jumpstart with time at college by taking the classes in high school. This option is free of charge to the students through NSCC and Tech Prep of NWO.