High School Class Information

Taking the Computer Networking career and technical
program presents numerous oppurtunities to its students. Aside
from gaining powerful knowledge in a very rewarding career field
students also can gain college credits. Before students can continue
on for higher education they must graduate high school. In high school,
scheduling and credits are very important. The WCNT class credit counts and
block lengths are as follows:

Intoduction to Computers and Networks (sophomores)
Blocks: 1     Length: 1 semester     Credits: 1

Computer Networking Technology I (juniors)
Blocks: 2     Length: year     Credits: 4     TechPrep: yes

Computer Networking Technology II (seniors)
Blocks: 2     Length: year     Credits: 4     TechPrep: yes

The TechPrep courses offer many additional opportunities to high school students. Please visit the partnerships page for more information.