Area Colleges

Below is a list of colleges nearby that offer good programs in
the computer and networking field. These programs are always
changing with technologies so you will have to contact the colleges
for detailed information.

Owens Community College - Owens offers a Wide Area Networking
Associate degree that aligns with the curriculum here at Whitmer. Our instructors are tied closely with Owens and even server on the EET Advisory Board.

North West State Community College - NSCC offers a Network Administration degree that builds on the foundations taught at Whitmer. This degree field expands on knowledge learned from at the high school level.

University of Northwestern Ohio - UNOH offers two (2) Associate programs that build on the foundations from Whitmer both with their own differences. The first, Network Security is geared towards securing networks from intrusions and attacks. The second, Network Technology is geared towards building and maintaining networks and their systems.